I’m on a roll…

I’ve finished another new collar and am ready to get on with the next one now! I have to admit, collars, cuffs and similar accessories are my favourites to make I think. I feel like I can really get creative with them and they just seem to, I don’t know… happen! It comes naturally from the moment I start pinning leather and other miscellaneous scraps together. I feel like a nice style is developing with my posture collars and this one is certainly no exception.

Here she is. ‘Mildred’ as I have named her. She’s now up for sale in my Etsy shop along with the Lolita collar/bonnet as seen in my last entry. The collar itself is made up of vintage patterned leather, salvaged from an old leather jacket. It was a very lucky find as this sort of patterned leather is not something I happen across very often on my travels and, luckily for me (and, indeed, whoever ends up owning this piece!), this particular stuff happens to be very fine and comfortable and the inside is beautifully soft on the skin. I have used my usual press stud fastenings for the front closure and to add a little decorative interest, have draped a couple of coated black chains and a string of glass pearls across them. These emerge from beneath the lace flowers situated on the left shoulder and are attached to a large jump ring which has been soldered closed. There is a tiny little hook on the right shoulder which this jump ring latches on to once the collar is on its wearer and done up. It easily unhooks for ease of removal. This can be seen in more detail in one of the photos.

Anyway, enough blather from me, this was only supposed to be a short showcase! Next entry from me will be another artisan/designer feature I expect so keep your eyes peeled and thank you for reading! As ever, your feedback is warmly received!

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2 thoughts on “I’m on a roll…

  1. the posture collar is soo beautiful. i hardly know what else to say.

  2. Thank you very much 😀 ❤

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