So, why the facelift?

As those of you who have followed or seen my blog before when it was over at blogspot will have noticed, this blog looks COMPLETELY different & is no longer exclusively Sacré Coeur. Why? Well, I am more than just a jewellery designer. I illustrate, I am a taxidermist, I collect things, I experiment, I am a scientist (if my degree is anything to go by anyway) &, among other things, I am a girl at heart so I like to talk crap about clothes and makeup occasionally (I purposefully picked a blog layout that will allow this kinda stuff to be easily glossed over by those of you who couldn’t care less abut it too, how nice of me?!). I wanted to open this blog up as a place where everything I do converges. Where those of you with a general interest in all facets of my work can see it all without link-hopping and getting confused, or where those of you looking for a specific branch of my stuff can find the necessary links to take you straight to it. Think of it as a Tea-hub I guess! Haha… Tea-hub. I like it. That reminds me. The name. ProcrasTEAnation. It is absolutely no more than the marriage of my name with the one thing I do best.

Anyway, as I sit here importing photos and eating Reese’s peanut butter cups, I am mulling over what to do with this ‘new first entry’. I think I ought to take this opportunity to give an idea of things to come… and perhaps even explain where the teacup bunny came from 😉

As I said, this blog is to be comprised of a bit of everything. I obviously want to use it primarily to keep you all up to date on my work so you can absolutely expect to see illustration, jewellery, leather etc, but I also intend to share photographs of other things such as my environment/studio space, my travels & adventures, anything you guys may have requested, details of new projects, fashion related stuff, books I’m into at the moment… that sort of thing.

Now, about the bunny. One thing I wanted to try and do with the header of this blog was to try and get as much about me into it as I possibly could without clutterng it up and making it look messy. I wanted to try and blend as many aspects of my interests and influences as possible into one, to the point, clear representation. The bunny itself brings the sweeter, more innocent side of my work and the interest in natural history and taxidermy together, the teacup again alludes to the more whimsical side of things as well as hinting at the Victorian influence which has, in itself, got a darker side, hence the silhouette being black. The symbols across the teacup are representative of myself and my interest in occultism and symbolism. They are Alchemical symbols assigned to blood, silver, fire, caput mortuum (literally ‘useless remains’ or residue) and earth. These are significant of myself as an individual and of my work and the contents of this blog equally.

ImageWords. Too many of them. I’ve always been good at that.
Here are some images lifted from my Instagram feed (if you use it and would like to follow me you can find me on there as @paradisaea) that ought to serve as a little taster of things to come. Thank you for your continued interest in whatever the hell it is I spend most of my life doing! Much love.

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