Talons! A little FAQ with pictures.

So, as many of you will have noticed, I have ridiculously long nails. I have decided to answer a few questions I get about them regularly here and also share a few photos of them as well as some other info about my nail related plans at the end of this post.

Body Collection Crystal Suede with galaxy nail- Model’s Own matte black with Mac pigments sponged on and a glitter topcoat.

Q: Are they real?!

A No. They most certainly aren’t! My own nails are useless, brittle & thin. No amount of supplements, calcium, protein or any other such stuff has ever made any noticeable change to them, certainly not enough to achieve such length anyway. I have tried gel overlays but again, too bendy and nowhere near strong enough to allow me to do what I do with them. So now I am back to acrylics and, for all their evil ways, I love them ❤

Leighton Denny ‘Supermodel’ with Orly Instand Artist in Jet Black.

Q: Do you do them yourself?

A: Yes and no. I go to a salon for the extensions because DIY is loooonnnng. I maintain and paint them myself though. The shape is usually as a result of my coming home and filing/buffing them to perfection and then I will paint them and add nail art designs, almost always freehand painted, myself.

Q: How often do you have to get them done?

A: I get them filled once a month approximately and will have them all taken off and a new set put on every 3 months or so.

Tape technique mani with freehand nail art. Barry M ‘Grey, OPI ‘Did You Ear About Van Gogh’, Orly Instant Artist ‘Jet Black’ & Body Collection Crystal Suede ‘Little Black Dress’.

Q: How the hell do you do anything with them?

A: I’m perfectly capable of doing just about everything you can think of with them, with one exception. I find it hard to pick coins up from flat surfaces. I have to slide them off counters but if they land on the floor, forget it. I need to carry blutac around with me 😉 Everything else, however, I’m fine thanks. Taxidermy,  jewellery making, drawing, working, doing my makeup/hair, looking after my many animals, horse riding etc etc. Any for those of you crude enough to openly ask me personal questions about them, I’m also perfectly capable in all those departments too thank you.

Natural look using OPI ‘Passion’ with ‘Princesses Rule’ on ring finger.

Q: Do they ever break?

A: Yes. And it bloody hurts if they break low down. Sadly, my current part time job is quite damaging to them so, more often than not, there are one or two in need of repair whenever I go to the salon for my usual routine claw maintenance.

OPI ‘Did You Ear About Van Gogh’.

Q: Are they sharp?

A: I file them to very sharp points but within a day or so they’ve worn down enough to be pretty harmless. Right now they’re blunt as anything… but still pointy, obviously.

More natural coloured nails!

Q: Do you ever hurt yourself or anyone else with them?

A: No. They’re fingernails, not offensive weapons. I generally exercise a bit of control over my hands anyway… it’s not often you’ll find me flailing about uncontrollably.

So, there you have it. A little nail FAQ. Before I go, the following is perhaps worth noting! When I return from LA in November, I plan on taking a few refresher courses as well as learning a few new things I’ve not yet done in order to both renew and expand my current nail tech qualifications. Once that has happened, I intend to set up as a mobile nail artist. I am based in Hertfordshire and am planning on doing a ‘London day’ every couple of weeks or so if I can drum up enough interest. I’d be very keen to hear from anyone who may be interested in my services! I’ll be offering standard manicures, acrylic and gel extensions and overlays as well as nail art. Comment or email me if you would like more info!

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